Really, whats the real reason more people don't make money from the Internet ?

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Really, whats the real reason more people don't make money from the Internet ?

That's a great question, because it does work !   More than you might think are enjoying this every single day.  And I will get to that here in a moment, but first I choose do a disclaimer about things this page is not.

This page is NOT a sales page !!   There will be no links here to click, sorry.  This is an informative page only. This page is designed to enlighten and get you thinking, as well as hopefully answer some common questions.

 This page is NOT going to list specifics.   Why ? Because giving away people's methods without their permission is not right.  And I intend to keep this at one page for ease of reading. I could easily do an entire page on each topic.  At the same time though, you will come out of this page with some good, solid knowledge to consider and a much clearer picture aside from all the glittery hype.  Enough for you to make an intelligent and informed decision on how you should proceed, if that's your intent.

 Make $52,000 in Ten Days !!

 How I Turned $1 Into $20,000 in a Week !!

 I Will Show You My Secret Money Making Machine !!

  Lesson #1.   If you tried clicking on any of the colored text above then shame on you.  Go back and reread my 1st disclaimer.  Do not fall for this stuff ! 

Yeah, I have fallen for it in the past also. I mean at first glance it just seems so enticing and your mind flashes very quickly what it would be like to actually do that. How easy it would be, and what you would pay off and buy with all that easy money.  But really, the only ones making any money off this stuff are the ones selling it, and their money comes from hopeful souls like you and I.

 I have not studied the stats for these types of headlines and pages, but I really doubt that even the creators come anywhere near in making themselves, what they claim. And if by some strange reason they do ??   Don't you do it, because it just isn't right to cheat people that way.  Oh yeah, there's also the karma thing that should hopefully getcha too !

 Many of us have jobs we work at everyday. Many of us are not happy with the jobs we go to everyday, or if we are happy, well actually, if you are happy with your job....then congratulations, because you are a minority. But most of us have many bills and debt to work off, right ?  So what can you do besides find another part time job, or work your life away with overtime ?

 So, that brings us back to the internet.  Aside from all the flashy scams, what is real and viable ? How would anyone even know ?  

 Work At Home Jobs : 

Data Entry, Medical Transcripts, Secret Shopper, Taking Surveys, just to name a few.  There are actually many different ones out there.

 Yes they are out there and yes, people do them.  If you are lucky, you could land a very nice one. But most usually do not pay a whole lot, but can give you a boost in income.  Also as a general rule for these types of jobs, you can usually smell a scam if they are asking for any money up front...such as a "good faith" payment.  Never give your credit card info out for the free trial periods.   These periods usually end before you get good use of the trial and you could end up being charged ! 

 Rule Of Thumb : Any reputable work at home jobs company will not charge you to apply or sign up. Do your due diligence !!

 A good way doing your due diligence is Google.  Type in whatever it is you are researching, for example ""  (this is a online job search company)   type " reviews".

Then study the results.  Just keep in mind that there is no company, or product out there I have found that has all good reviews.  There are always unhappy people with bad experiences.  The trick is you need to look closely at the ratio of negative vs. positive user reviews,  and see what the complaints and praises are.  Also be warned of reviewer plants. These are people whom fake being a user to slam another company or product, and praise their own, usually with a link to their own site somewhere in the text.  Now that's just  ratty !                                             

 Online Marketing :

 Sounds blah, uninteresting and scary to most.  But not really, this is where most people can do good and finally bring it together. The scams out there are just incredible in numbers however, so you really need to be careful !  Remember the colored text up towards the top of this page....that some of you might have clicked on ?  Yeah that !  Those kind of outlandish glitzy objects you need to avoid.  Stay away from those, because they have scam written all over them.

 On the other hand though, there are very good idea's and programs out there too.  These good ones will not promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams. They will not promise you instant wealth either, But they will tell you that you can make a nice tidy income, even enough to quit your job time. But it is going to take work, and it is going to take time doing the work ! And you must follow these programs as exact as you can.  It's called Modeling and Matching.

 Do you know why most people fail to make $$ online ?    THEY QUIT.

Yes that is the #1 reason why most people fail................they simply quit.  They do not follow the course, or idea through.  Too much work, too time consuming, not getting my money fast enough, it cuts into my T.V. time, this doesn't work cause I ain't rich yet, I didn't realize I would have to ...actually work this , etc, etc, yada yada yada.   You know the saying right ? "Excuses are a dime a dozen !"   (well that's not quite the saying but you get it right ?)

 I know from friends, real life stories of Internet Marketing successes.   One has a beach themed household linen business that after a year or two of marketing it, has finally made it work very well, and is her full time business now.

 Another one markets watch parts and does very well indeed.

 Another friend markets specialty tools and makes a comfortable living. 

 Another markets information and does quite well with that !

 There are many people successfully doing this each and every day, and what they tell me is that the only reason their ventures are working, is because they took the necessary time needed to start, learn, grow and actually work it.  It is quite ok to learn on the fly, but you must actually start something.

A few have commented that they really wonder why more people are not doing this kind of thing because it really isn't all that hard !  You just have to stick with whatever you decide to do, and see it through.

Some other things to keep in mind, the internet is huge, and growing every day !  Right now there are more than 4.39  billion worldwide users of the internet, and many of them use it daily.  That's only about 47% of the entire worlds population online.  Think about that for a second and let it sink in.................. ONLY 47% of the entire world !  As of 2019, it is estimated that every day, there are 1 million more new people that start using the internet. By 2021, stats show that mobile phone purchases will account for $2.23 trillion, yes I said "Trillion" !  Mobile phone shoppers account for 67%, which means there are still many, many computer shoppers out there to consider as well !

So the great thing about that is there is MORE than enough room for all of us to generate money off it.  It's actually sort of mind boggling, don't you think ?

Thanks for reading !!