Vibrant Electric Blue Lit Chivas Regal-Golden Signature Scotch

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  • Bottle: Similar to the classic Chivas bottle shape but with a heavier crystal bottom to it to give it more heft and better appearance. There is the added bonus that the center of gravity is lower so it is harder to knock over and spill also. The label has also been redesigned to further the distinctiveness of the label. The neckband is also a dark but bright blue color (handy feature when trying to find it in a forest of bottles)
  • Taste: Medium-weight mouthfeel (for a scotch). Orange honey, dark fruits, toffee and an alkali tang like a good dark chocolate- a lingering, warm finish. Addition of some water (bottled or filtered, no chlorine!) knocks down the alcohol and opens up the bouquet nicely, although at 80 proof already you don’t need much.
  • 110 volt standard wall plug Lighted Liquor Bottles.
  • Energy saving LED lights, low power consumption, safe design. These lights do not get hot, and will last for years ! 
  • Control Box offers up to 8 modes  (Steady on, In Waves, Sequential, Chasing, Flash, Twinkle/ Flash, Slow Glow, and Slow Fade)
  • Showcase or Window Displays
  • Restaurants or Bar Decorations
  • Home or Garden Decorations
  • Wedding, Birthday or Party Illuminations
  • These lights are bright enough to enjoy in the daytime. The pictures really do not do them justice as these are amazingly colorful and bright in person. You will love these, and they are always a huge hit !