Warm White Hue Lighted "19 Crimes"- The Warden

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  •  Named as an homage to the British who managed the first Australian "colonists," this complex red presents black cherry, dark berries and chocolate on the nose and palate. Its dark red flavor and hue pair deliciously with pork chops, duck confit and chocolate cake.
  • 19 Crimes phone app makes labels tell their stories !
  • 110 volt standard wall plug Lighted Liquor Bottles.
  • Energy saving LED lights, low power consumption, safe design. These lights do not get hot, and will last for years ! 
  • Control Box offers up to 8 modes  (Steady on, In Waves, Sequential, Chasing, Flash, Twinkle/ Flash, Slow Glow, and Slow Fade)
  • Showcase or Window Displays
  • Restaurants or Bar Decorations
  • Home or Garden Decorations
  • Wedding, Birthday or Party Illuminations
  • These lights are bright enough to enjoy in the daytime. The pictures really do not do them justice as these are amazingly colorful and bright in person. You will love these, and they are always a huge hit !